help for our Littlest Residents

Tiny guests need TLC. Special gifts will help our youngest residents feel right at home — and help moms and dads give their little ones all the love and care they need while they fight to get well.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear


Essentials for Baby

Essentials for Baby


Strollers for Families on the Go

Stroller for a Family on the Go


Family Outing

Throw Blanket



You Can Send an e-Card

After you complete your gift purchase, you can send an e-card in honor of someone special to commemorate a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion. You can even include a message to let them know you care.





The gifts shown here represent the services provided by Ronald McDonald House® New York. So we may make the best, most efficient use of your gift, your donation will be combined with other funds to provide care and support for the families we serve in the areas of most need. Thank you for helping kids and families while they fight cancer!